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SRI World Group provides consulting services to institutions and advisors that are evaluating sustainable and responsible investment strategies. SRI World Group is not a financial advisor and we do not sell financial products. As an information provider, we are simply focused on providing thorough and objective analysis to our clients so they can make informed decisions.

SRI World Groupís services fall within the following categories:

  • Focused analysis: Each institution faces unique circumstances based on its mission, its state of incorporation, and its financial resources. SRI World Group helps organizations understand the sustainable and responsible investment strategies that best fit their needs. This includes helping organizations craft investment policy statements that reflect these strategies.

  • Presentations: SRI World Group helps trustees and institutional staff members understand the benefits and risks associated with sustainable and responsible investment strategies. By providing a description of investment options along with analysis and data on financial performance and fiduciary responsibility, SRI World Group addresses the most common questions fiduciaries ask about sustainable and responsible investment strategies.

  • Workshops: Working with individuals from a single institution or from multiple institutions, SRI World Group helps workshop participants understand sustainable and responsible investment strategies. By walking through key decision steps, participants can identify what strategies may be the most appropriate for their institution and what factors are the most important determinants.

SRI World Group does not provide investment or legal advice. Accordingly, SRI World Group does not make recommendations with respect to the advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling securities, and SRI World Group does not render any advice on the basis of the specific investment situation of any particular client.


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