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Climate Scientist Joins Exxon Board (02/03)
The oil and gas giant responds to years of shareowner action by appointing atmospheric scientist Susan Avery to its board of directors.

Investors Challenge Mutual Funds on Proxy Voting (01/20)
Sustainable investment firms respond to update by Ceres by pressuring mutual funds on their proxy voting records relating to climate change. Second in a two-part series.

Many Large Mutual Funds Continue Failure to Address Climate Change (01/07)
Ceres updates its annual report on voting climate-related resolutions by mutual funds, noting that several PRI signatories failed to support a single resolution in 2016. First in a two-part series.

US Chamber Targeted Senate in 2016 Dark Money Spending (01/02)
Public Citizen reports that only the National Rifle Association spent more than the Chamber of Commerce’s $30 million during the 2016 federal election.

Companies Challenged to Adopt Science-Based Climate Goals (12/17)
Over 100 publicly traded companies have reported to CDP that they will adopt science-based emissions reduction plans, and letters from members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility intend to hold them to their promises.

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An Announcement from Needmor Fund The Needmor Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Shari Berenbach, President and CEO of the Calvert Social Investment Foundation, to Needmor’s Finance Committee. Shari brings with her a comprehensive background in mission related finance and community investments. Her long tenure at Calvert Foundation has seen it grow from $5 million to $350 million in community investment assets under management.

Widely respected in the community investment world, Shari has long associations with many of Needmor’s key partners in the field. We think there is much that Needmor can learn from Shari and she has expressed the same in her expectation of joining Needmor.

The Needmor Fund, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, funds community organizing across the nation. They have been pioneers in socially responsible investing, shareholder activism, and community development investing.

Dave Beckwith, Executive Director

Ken Rolling, Board Chair

New Sustainable Transportation ETF to be Launched on NASDAQ Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC plans to list its PowerShares Global Progressive Transportation Portfolio on the NASDAQ Stock Market on September 18, 2008.

Worldwide economic growth has increased demand for transportation solutions, but in most cases those solutions have not been matched by sustainable improvements in infrastructure. Sustainable transportation meets the needs of society without sacrificing ecological values.

To be traded under the ticker PTRP, the portfolio is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that is based on the Wilder NASDAQ OMX Global Energy Efficient Transport Index. An index-based exchange-traded fund seeks to replicate the movements of an index of a financial market.

The Wilder Index tracks innovative and energy efficient transportation by focusing on businesses that are engaged in cleaner and improved means of transporting goods and people. It includes a global group of companies engaged in four focus areas: alternative vehicles; rail and subway systems; sea, land, air and intermodal; and transport innovation.

Google Heats Up Next Generation Geothermal Energy More than $10 million in investments and grants will flow from into Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology. Google is also supporting research into governmental policies on geothermal energy and next generation geothermal resource mapping. explains EGS as the technology needed to create the conditions of geothermal energy manually by passing water through fractured hot rocks and capturing the energy in steam turbines. Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source that could satisfy Google’s search for an energy that is cheaper than coal ( RE).


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