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EPA WORKSHOP: Capital Markets and Environmental Performance,
Oct 25-27, 2002 
Speaker Organization Title
John Ganzi Environment & Finance Enterprise
Engaging the Mainstream with Sustainability" (PDF)
A Benchmarking Study" (PDF)
A Review of International Best Practice among IFC’s Peers and Clients in Ten Specific Areas" (Word)
"2001 Performance Review: Profit-Driven Sustainability Funds" (Word)
Madhu Khanna
Surender Kumar
Wilma Rose Q. Anton
University Of Illinois
University Of Illinois
University Of Central Florida
Environmental Self-Regulation: Implications for Environmental Efficiency and Profitability (PDF)
Michael V. Russo
Niran S. Harrison
University Of Oregon
University Of Oregon
Internal Organization and Environmental Performance:  Clues from the Electronics Industry. (Word)
Robert Repetto
James Henderson
Yale University
Stratus Environmental Consulting, Inc
Environmental Exposures in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry. (Word)
Robert Heinkel
Alan Kraus
Josef Zechner
University Of British Columbia
University Of British Columbia
University Of Vienna
The Effect of Green Investment on Corporate Behavior (PDF)
Figures (PDF)
Linsey Malloy
Homer Erekson
Miami U
UNIVERSITY Of Missouri At Kansas City
Miami University
Exploring the Relationship Between Environmental and Financial Performance (Word)
Doug Holmes Monash UNIVERSITY Investment Risk and Greenhouse Exposure: Application of a Risk-Based Overlay Approach for an Australian Institutional Investor (Word)
Donald J. Reed Ecos Corporation Stalking the Elusive Business Case for Corporate Sustainability (PDF)
Jonathan M. Karpoff,
John R. Lott, Jr.
Eric W. Wehrly
University Of Washington
American Enterprise Institute
University Of Washington
Environmental Violations, Legal Penalties, and Reputation Costs (Word)


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